For Sale or Trade

We are starting to build a catalog of seeds saved from plants we have grown in Middle-GA, as well as other cultured products and even some products we build on site.

Potawatomi Lima Bean SeedsPhaseolus lunatus
North Georgia Candy Roaster SeedsCucubrita maxima
Kombucha SCOBYs

As the title of the page says: “For Sale or Trade” so if you want to trade, let us know what you’ve got in mind. PayPal works for us, though we encourage you to use cryptocurrency just as a matter of principle. We have a number of wallets across different currencies you can find below:

btc: 3MTXSsDkhpzDsmPZhxGUj2BRDNS4K6Wnvw
bch: 1FnRpoBGLgXMuU6ZvBs64D64D3MYeiKJtK
ltc: MEbGYvRXZyHfpk9oGyFdiLYCrNdnyWo57w
eth: 0x32702db7b6f5eda627adf08046e77aff547963e1
etc: 0x0D542DaA6934a65aB5B68B1931d8Fa12cFeEb7Ab


You can also check out our resources page for a list of links to different companies and products we have found to be useful. Some of these links will be affiliate links, but not all.