For Sale or Trade

Over time, the hope is to build a catalog of seeds saved from plants we have grown in Middle-GA, as well as other cultured products and even some products we build on site.

Potawatomi Lima Beans
Kombucha SCOBYs

As the title of the page says: “For Sale or Trade” so if you want to trade, make us a suggestion. PayPal works for us, though we encourage you to use cryptocurrency just as a matter of principle. We have a number of wallets across different currencies you can find below:

btc: 1AEJFkSeUk6mjEWZmUspauNjJASwdfpd5e
bch: qpmnm96twhnyvpm0mcswy5nkkg053674kuyx2cgdgp
ltc: ltc1qakq5sm9qc4fdkyrlpa8krr3zzmtmxux72dalyh
eth: 0x32702db7b6f5eda627adf08046e77aff547963e1
zen: znRt74ZAGmHb8vheEWeuSyjBn4ypYW7zobP