Homestead Hack #1: Label Your Eggs!

Another repost. I have since read that a number of folks leave their eggs – with the natural “bloom” still on the shells – on the counter top until they are ready to be used. I guess you could still use this trick, but I am going to stick with putting my eggs in the fridge for now.

If I had to guess, I would imagine that the most common farm-type animal among homesteaders would have to be a chicken. More and more they can be found in urban settings and it seems that everyone knows at least one person with chickens, and with chickens come….eggs! Before long, you will realize you have too many chickens, but do not have the heart to put them in the freezer and you will quickly find yourself inundated with eggs. I know we have had 4.5 dozen eggs in our fridge a few times in the summer months when laying is heavy. Unfortunately, (I found this out as a kid) even with the best egg-rotation schedules, once you start acquiring lots of eggs, there is a chance one of those eggs might have been sitting in the fridge for too long and you will only figure out it is too old when you go to crack it open – which is certainly less than enjoyable. You could label your cartons – as I know many people do – but then you end up with at least two cartons that are not full. I do not know about you, but there is not room in my refrigerator for half-empty egg cartons.

The solution: Label Your Eggs! On the Good View Quarter, before each egg gets its bath in the sink, but before it goes in the carton, it has its laid-on-date scrawled on top. All of our eggs have a date on them. It helps conserve space, and it helps let us know which eggs are freshest, and which ones might be best hard boiled. We like to use pencil. I’m sure ink from a pen would work fine, but pencil seems the safest choice than then say, Sharpie.

Labeled Eggs

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